Af-Wreck Wax

Af-Wreck is hybrid cross of Afghani x Trainwreck. A strong sativa effect with an immediate “punch to the face” and a head-concentrated high. Overall an uplifting effect that doesn’t leave the body heavy and slow.

Wax is reported as being the purest cannabis product available, at anywhere between 82% and 99.7% THC/CBN/CBD, making it several times more potent than the buds of the cannabis plant that are usually consumed (5%–28%). One hit of Wax, a minuscule amount (about the size of the head of a pin), is supposedly equal to 1 – 2 full cannabis joints. Also the effect is reported as being more clear and longer lasting than “average” marijuana.

The effects are very strong and an excellent appetite stimulant. Also, it is effective in reducing nausea.

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